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Riveteyelet Race Car Rivet Eyelet Sponsored Skidoo Racing
The #97 Rivet & Eyelet Ford Fusion
piloted by NASCAR driver Joey Polewarczyk Jr. www.joeypole.com
The Rivet & Eyelet sponsored #172 Ski-Doo MX-ZX-600RS
piloted by ECS/ISOC AMSOIL SERIES driver Jake DaSilva.
    Rivet & Eyelet Technologies, LLC is a domestic and international source for stamped and
    extruded blind rivets, hand tool riveters, pneumatic blind riveters and custom engineered eyelet products.
    extruded blind rivets, hand tool riveters, pneumatic blind riveters and custom engineered eyelet products.
    Blind rivets offered in domed, large flange, countersunk, closed end, multigrip and structural styles.
    Blind rivet materials: aluminum, brass, copper, monel, steel and stainless.

Number 75 Chevy Silverado
Rivet & Eyelet sponsored NHRA Top Fuel Dragster
piloted by Terry McMillen.
The #75 Rivet & Eyelet Chevy Silverado driven by
Caleb Holman in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. www.calebholman.com
    Custom painting, plating, anodizing, salt spraying, irridating and passivating available.
    extruded blind rivets, hand tool riveters, pneumatic blind riveters and custom engineered eyelet products.
    Serving industries worldwide: construction, automotive, marine, aerospace, HVAC, medical, electrical, telecom,
    military, trailers, cosmetics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, textiles, furniture, laser, computers,
    restaurant equipment, and more. Standards and complete custom engineering.
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     Materials:  aluminum, brass, copper, steel,
                        stainless steel

     Styles:       domed, large flange, countersunk,
                        closed end, multigrip, bulbed, structural

     Diameter:  3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4"

     Finishes:    paint, plated, anodized, black oxide,
                        irridate, salt spray, passivate
Blind Rivets

Chomper    Tool:              “The Pulldog Chomper”™ PD-82
   Nosepieces:   3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16” for all materials
                          1/4" for aluminum

   Features:       lightweight 3.3 lbs; three-jaw design;
                          70-90 PSI; steel forged

   Accessories:   service wrenches;
                          mandrel collection bottle

eyelets    Materials:  aluminum, brass, copper, steel,
                      stainless steel, monel, inconel

   Styles:       eyelets, ferrules, grommets,
                     shells, sleeves, terminals,
                     connectors, stampings, threaded
                     rivet nuts, washers, nails

   Diameter:  .050” thru 3”

   Length:     parts deep draw up to 3.25”

   Tool:              “The Pulldog”™ PD-1
   Nosepieces:   3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”

   Features:       aluminum die-cast housing;
                          chrome steel jaw

   Accessories:   service wrench;
                          black hand grips
Products: aluminum blind rivets, steel blind rivets, stainless steel blind rivets, copper blind rivets, brass blind rivets, large flange
blind rivets, painted blind rivets, colored blind rivets, countersunk blind rivets, pop-style blind rivets, closed end blind rivets,
multi-grip blind rivets, open end blind rivets, buttonhead blind rivets, industrial rivets, race car rivets, truck body rivets,
acoustical ceiling rivets, aerospace rivets, furniture rivets, boat rivets, marine rivets, metal building rivets, automotive rivets,
construction rivets, trailer rivets, made in the usa rivets, etc.
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